Purchasing a Puppy
We expect that folks considering a new addition to their
family have thoroughly thought it out. There are a number of
things to think abut before making a decision to add a
standard poodle to your family.

Things to Consider

Coat Care and Grooming
If you are serious about adding one of our exceptional pups
to your family we need to know that you have contacted
professional groomers in your area about costs for a full
groom at least every 8 weeks. While you can decide to keep
your dog in a short sporting clip, it will still required routine
maintenance. Longer clips need regular brushing. A
professional groomer can show you how to correctly brush
out the dog's coat.

Security and Safety
Your yard should be well fenced to provide a secure and
safe place for the puppy to play and exercise.

Training and Exercise
Standard poodles are very intelligent and easy to train.  A
pup and their owner should take a puppy basic obedience
class at about 10-12 weeks of age. This provides a
structured setting for both to bond and teach the puppy basic
manners. This can be followed by higher levels of obedience
training if desired.

Standard poodles enjoy playing and need regular exercise.
They are both energetic and laid-back. Retrieving a ball,
going for a walk or run, swimming, and other forms of
exercise are fun for both poodle and owner. But when you
want to kick back and relax your dog will generally relax with
Puppy's first bath at 6 weeks.