Litter News!
Sherman and Twinkle are the proud parents of a litter
born June 5th. There are 5 girls and 2 boys. The 2
males are black and white. Three of the girls are
brown and white and the other 2 are black and white.
Several of the pups have the tuxedo pattern like
Sherman and the others are spotted.

See the puppies on the Meet the Litter page.


Sire: UR01, UCD, GRCH Prairiedogs’ Ballroom
Dancer, RN

has it all! Sweet, smart and beautifully put
together. Exquisite looks and a fantastic
temperament that he passes on to his puppies. He’s
sired a limited number of litters to select bitches. This
is our first litter with him.

Sherman is health cleared on hips with an OFA
Excellent rating; eyes (CERF); thyroid, vWd
(genetically cleared), NE and SA (skin biopsy
cleared). He is currently ranked (2010) #1 multi-
colored standard poodle in UKC show competition
and has several obedience titles as well. Everyone
who meets him falls in love with this special boy.

Dam: CH Te-Awa’s Starry, Starry Night

This is Twinkle’s first litter. She is a sweet dog and
has been a great mom to these pups. She came into
her 3rd heat just a couple of weeks shy of being 2
years old so we didn’t want to wait another year to
breed her and didn’t want a winter litter. Because
wasn’t 2 yet, we did an OFA preliminary which came
back with an excellent rating which we expect to stay
that way when we do the permanent testing after this
litter. She is cleared for thyroid, eyes (CERF) and
vWD genetically cleared.

Be aware that in spite of all the health testing
available, not all things can be tested genetically.
Despite best efforts to screen breeding stock,
occasional genetic health issues can show up.
Because of that, we offer a comprehensive health
warranty to our puppy buyers.

Our pups are sold as pets on mandatory spay/neuter
contracts and breeding them voids all guarantees.
The purchase price is for a pet and should not be
considered an investment to be recouped later
through breeding. Even those that appear to have
show potential will need to be health cleared and our
permission obtained to change their limited
registration prior to any breeding.

If you are interested in one of these pups please
contact us at