Meet the Litter
Ernie – Male SOLD
Black/White Tuxedo
His new parents have renamed this
sweet boy Rook. He will be joining his
new family that includes another
Standard Poodle from a previous litter
we produced.
Bert - Male
Black/White Spotted
This darling boy will be very solid and
sturdy – build just like his daddy.
Sweet and loving yet full of “little boy”
exuberance. Great prospect for a
family with kids. Show potential.
Annie – Female
Black/White Tuxedo
This refined little angel
should stay petite and a bit
smaller all around. Her
sweet, gentle personality
would be great with a calm
JoJo – Female
Black/White Spotted
This outgoing, smart girl
has some show potential.
Very confident and
agreeable, she should do
well in most families and
should be a great
obedience/agility, rally,
hunting prospect.
Gabrielle – Female
Chocolate/White Tuxedo
Gabby is smaller but plenty outgoing. This
darling loves to cuddle or play. Very attentive
and seeks out companionship. We left her “au
natural” with a full tail since docking would
have lost the adorable white tip on her tail.
She is a lighter reddish brown than her sisters.
Mariah – Female
Chocolate/White Tuxedo
This sweetie has it all – solid,
medium build and good looks, too.
She sits back and takes it all in
before jumping into a situation. She
will probably make a great therapy
dog or be good as a “visitor” dog
for taking to nursing homes. She is
a darker brown than Gabby.
Tess – Female
Chocolate/White Tuxedo
She is outgoing and playful. This
little baby doll will steal your heart!
Tess should be good in any home
situation with her loving, smart
nature. She is the darkest brown of
the chocolates.